For last so many years I am collecting all those words, techniques, strategies which are use my great Salespeople, Leaders, Hypnotists, Professional Persuaders, Public Speakers, Magicians, Politicians, Authors, which have changed the minds of millions of people towards their way of thinking.

Below is the list of 15 powerful words which I found used by many Advertisers and Sales people in their messages, ads, sales pitches to win business.

Start applying these words immediately in your daily conversation and proposals.

1)      New

2)      Profit

3)      Happy

4)      Because

5)      Guarantee

6)      Please

7)      Value

8)      Improved

9)      Save

10)   Free

11)   You / Your

12)   Results

13)   Save

14)   Advantage

15)   Easy




(Persuasion Expert)

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