Advertisement is a multiplied Salesmanship. One Good Advertisement can bring more business than hundreds of effective Salesmen.

Below are some of the Best Headlines ever written which have changed the fortune of Advertiser’s Business:

1)      The Secret of Making People Like You

2)      A Little Mistake That Cost a Farmer $3,000 a Year

3)      Advice to Wives Whose Husbands Don’t Save Money – By a Wife

4)       The Child Who Won The Hearts of All

5)      Are You Ever Tongue-Tied at a Party?

6)      How a New Discovery Made a Plain Girl Beautiful

7)      The Last 2 Hours Are The Longest – And Those Are The 2 Hours You Save

8)      Who Else Wants A Screen Star Figure?

9)      Do You Make These Mistakes in English?

10)   Why Some Foods “Explode” in Your Stomach



Vibhor Asri

(Persuasion Expert)

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