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According to this Principle:
·         The top 20% of salespeople make 80% of money, and bottom 80% only make 20% of money.
·         Again Top 20% of the top 20%, which equals top 4%, earn 80% of money in the top 20% of salespeople.
·         Similarly, Top 20% of companies in an industry earn 80% of the profits.
One of the major reasons that Top Performers earn so much money is that they consistently follow Winning Edge Concept in their personal & professional life, that is, Small Differences in ability can lead to enormous differences in results.
The difference between Top performers and the average or mediocre performers is not a huge difference in talent or ability. Often, it is just a few small things done consistently and well, over and over again. Top Performers are completely focused and determined to achieve their goals. They have very strong beliefs on their capabilities to achieve their goals. They regularly work on their income generating skills. They modify old strategies and develop new strategies to achieve short-term and long-term goals.
And above all they believe and work on improving their performance every day. 
Vibhor Asri
(Persuasion Expert)
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