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There are 7 basic fears which have a huge control in our life creating a big difference between achievers & quitters.
These 7 Basic Fears are :
•      Fear of Criticism.
•      Fear of Poverty.
•      Fear of Rejection.
•      Fear of Failure.
•      Fear of ill- health & old age.
•      Fear of Death.
•      Fear of loss of love of your Dear ones.
Everyone on this planet have these fears. If we don’t have these fears then we will be known as Super-Humans. We cannot ignore these fears. Also we can’t fight with these fears. But we can deal with these fears.
First of all we have to accept that these fears are very natural feelings.
Secondly, we must be consciously aware of these feelings that whenever any of these fears comes in our mind at any time of the day, it creates pain.
Now the point comes how to deal with these fears for our benefit.
1)   Fear of Death
Always keep in mind that all living beings on this planet have to die one day. We are not exceptional. Just think how you want to be remembered after death. Also start saving money & do some insurance so that your loved ones never fall short of money even after your death if you are the only earning member in your family.
2) Fear of Loss of Love of  Someone
My only advice is to give your unconditional love to others & you will never face any insecurity related to this fear.
3) Fear of Ill-Health & Old Age
Everyone has to become old one day. The only thing is how you keep yourself Fit & Healthy. Provide yourself a quality life in terms of quality food, hygiene environment & good mental state. Enjoy each moment & take it as a fun & new experience.
4) Fear of Criticism
This is one of the biggest fears which is stopping people to take ACTION. For example, what will others think about me? Others will make fun of me. Sometimes people become shy, introvert & conscious because of this fear. Also this fear creates jealousy & competitive nature in some people. I just want to share that some industries have grown & flourished because of this fear of criticism only like Fashion industry, Automobile Industry, Gadgets, Mobiles, Electronics, etc. But the biggest impact of this fear is that it stops people to take action to bring new change in their life. There is no such successful achiever on this earth who has never faced criticism in his or her life. Criticism comes along with success.
5) Fear of Rejection
This fear stops us to apply for new jobs, approaching new prospects in Sales, meeting strangers, proposing for marriage and above all making requests to others for compliance. Whenever this fear comes to your mind always remember that the person to whom you are approaching or making request, has also the same fear of rejection. If that person is somebody at higher position or superior to you in experience then just remember that during his initial struggle he has also faced same fear while approaching to strangers but then also he has taken the ACTION.
6) Fear of Failure
This is somewhat similar to fear of Rejection. Due to fear of failure we don’t take any initiative in our personal or professional life. Due to our bad past experiences, we start believing that we are destined to be failed whenever we go for new ideas, new challenges & new initiatives. I just want to tell you, start reading biographies of any successful person whom you like or model & just see how many times he has failed to reach at the top. According to the Great Edison whenever you failed in any task just reframe that failure, as a new learning from that experience that this is not the right procedure and you have to find a new way to do this task.
7) Fear of Poverty
For me, this is the most important fear. Especially for all those people who have lived a very mediocre life. This fear is one of the biggest reason people do not take challenges in their professional lives. This fear has lead to compromising of our dreams & childhood wishes. Everybody wants to become great leader, business tycoon, famous, celebrity, super rich, highly successful in their lives. But they doubt on their abilities, their qualifications, their knowledge, and their skills and think others are superior to them and therefore others deserve better jobs, higher income, luxuries, traveling across the globe, staying in luxurious hotels & resorts.
That’s why they are keep doing the same work, same job whole life just feeding their family, living in the same conditions &  telling their children its all depends upon your destiny whether you will be successful or not. They can never become role models for others. For me its better to take bigger challenges and earn more money so that I can help those people who are the part of weaker section of the society, who are helpless, who are not having even basic needs like Food, Shelter & Clothes, who are not having enough money to cure their illness & who already living below poverty line from the beginning.
And Last but not the least : FEEL THE FEAR & TAKE ACTION ANYWAY.


Vibhor Asri
(Persuasion Expert)

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