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In selling it’s the little things that make the big difference in making or missing the sale, just as the little things make the big difference in all areas of life. Our subconscious mind easily grabs these little things whenever any salesperson meets prospects.
The subconscious mind covertly compares our little qualities, behaviour, physical attributes, manners, features and mental states to other salespeople and awards us points for each superior feature in contrast with other salespeople. This point reward system is covertly done in prospect’s mind.
Consciously prospects are not even aware that they are comparing the salesperson to other salespersons. That’s why consciously they are not able to tell the salesperson how many points he/she has scored.
There is a difference in results when you have those little things working for you. Things like a nice watch; looking fit; a good shine on your shoes; the well pressed suit or dress; the neatness of your hair; the way your tie blends and is tied; whether you are neat and clean-shaven; whether the make-up is fresh and properly applied; caring for others; understanding others point of view; how you react in different situations; whether you are overdressed or underdressed; whether you are smiling and courteous; punctuality, thoughtful and considerate of your prospect’s time; whether you are smoking or chewing gum; whether you are organized and practice good human relations with follow-up reminders and thank-you notes; congruency; body language; presence of mind; ability to answer prospects questions; – and countless other little things that will mean missing or making the sale.
The list is endless, but in the final analysis, more often than not, one or more of the little things communicate to your prospect that you do believe in what you’re doing, that you are interested in serving him, that you do feel you’re offering the best product or service at the best price which will do the most for him and his needs. Each small thing matters when you meet your prospects.
When all of these things are going in favour of you, you will start earning more & more points from your prospects unconsciously as compared to your competitors and then the question is not “Will you succeed?” but rather “When, and how big will that success be?”
Each and every small step is important in sales and as the competition is getting tougher & tougher everyday with lots of similar products & services in market; now each small step has become crucial to win and lead the competition.
Vibhor Asri
(Persuasion Expert)